Wear Resistant Parts

Ceramics are ideally suited to solve wear problems in industrial processing. We consult you in choosing the right material and the best mounting method.

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  Wear resistant parts from AD-90 without mounting hole

Valve applications often require abrasion and corrosion resistant materials with special sliding and sealing characteristics. Ceramic materials offer superior properties.


Ceramics are used in semiconductor applications due to their excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical stability. Quick delivery service and compliance with technical specifications are our focus in the manufacturing of semiconductor parts.

Scientific ceramics

We supply porcelain and high alumina, dense or porous, laboratory equipment.

Pump components

Typical applications for ceramics are wear-resistant sleeves, plungers, bearings, seals, balls and ball seat for valves. Parts are manufactured to prints according to pump and valve manufacturers specifications.

Pulp and Paper

Dewatering elements in paper making equipment is operating under high wear conditions. Due to its excellent hardness and corrosion resistance, ceramics are ideally suited for this application. Dewatering elements are manufactured from different ceramic materials to customer specification. Our repair and regrind service on short notice guarantees high availability from your ceramic elements. (Entwässerungselemente Rechtschreibung) We grind up to 13 m in one setup.

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Prototyping and Low-Volume-Parts

We are specialized on manufacturing of custom-specific ceramic parts and assemblies with short delivery times. More than just ceramic manufacturing, we offer joined parts and supply assemblies ready-for-installation. Together with our customers, we select the best suitable ceramic material.

Precision and Measuring Technology

Ceramic parts are manufactured to accuracy grade per customer specification. We manufacture e. g. master angles, surface plates and straight edges as well as guideways for coordinate measuring machines. Ceramic is the material of choice due to its excellent specific stiffness, low component weight (hollow profiles) and superior thermal stability.   More about:    Standard metrology products

Metallized Ceramics

High frequency transmitting tubes, vacuum interrupters, Clystrons, vacuum capacitors, X-ray tubes preferably  use metallized ceramic tubes AD 94.

Medical Technology

Analytical equipment, pumps and surgical instruments often require custom-specific ceramic components. If required, we can offer ceramic material FDA approved USP XXII Class 6, biological test, in-vivo.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are manufactured from typical ceramic materials like Alumina and Siliconcarbide as well as different tungsten carbide metals.

Laser Components

We manufacture customer specific ceramic components for laser equipment like Excimer, CO2, solid-state and diode lasers. There is a variety of applications of ceramics within a laser e. g. pump chambers, feed-throughs and insulators. High alumina is a typical material used in these applications. Dense alumina offers superior electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and hardness. Porous alumina is used as reflector due to its diffuse reflectivity. It can be supplied either glazed or unglazed.

Grinding Media and Milling Equipment

Ball and rod grinding media and mini media in alumina and zirconia offer optimized grinding properties. We also offer mill linings and specialized milling components.

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Electrostatic Precipitators

Standard porcelain insulators are not suitable for special operating conditions in electrostatic precipitators like high temperature, high-electrical voltage or contamination. For such applications, we stock and supply our AD-85 insulators. Rapper and Feed-Though insulators are custom-modified to your requirements.

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Continuous casting nozzle

We are specialized on manufacturing of custom-specific ceramic continuous casting nozzles

Ceramic tools

Since years, ceramic tools are used for forming of aluminum and steel in the can industry. We manufacture customer-specific tools for various forming applications.


Tiles of different ceramic materials like Alumina, Siliconcarbide, Boroncarbide, Titaniumboride can be supplied on short notice. Customized modifications can processed like cutting, drilling and grinding.