Ceramic mechanical seals

Ceramic mechanical seals are manufactured for water pumps, washing machines, air conditioners, compressors and impeller pumps. Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and hard metal are ideal for this. Ceramic faucet gaskets are used on an international basis by many manufacturers.

Ceramic seals are components of ABS braking systems, power plants, household appliances, automobiles and sensors. Ceramic is wear-resistant against the friction partners, has an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio and thus improves the performance of the system with a longer service life.

Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and hard metals have properties that create customer satisfaction and increase the service life of the systems.

    wear resistance
    low thermal expansion
    Chemically inert
    corrosion resistance

Alumina is strong, hard and refractory better than metals. Better than plastics, alumina resists chemical attack and has excellent electrical insulating properties.

Aluminum oxide is preferably used in the following applications:

Mechanical seals, shafts and bearings, household appliances, automobiles, spray nozzles, faucet discs, slide plates

Silicon Carbide:
Coorstek is the largest independent supplier of SiC face seals in the world.

Due to the increasing need for durable, wear-resistant components, the production of SiC at Coorstek is constantly growing.

The high thermal conductivity of SiC allows rapid thermal equalization and high heat transfer.

We basically produce 2 types of SiC: reaction sintered and directly pressureless sintered.

The high strength and low weight of SiC allow it to be used in the following industrial applications:

    Nozzle slide plates
    Mechanical seals ballistics


In our factory specializing in carbide production, we continuously meet the increasing demands of the industry.

Coorstek carbides resist water and corrosion in many applications. Through the consistent use of CNC machining, we reliably adhere to the tightest tolerances.

By varying the nickel, cobalt and carbide content, we can offer tailor-made solutions for your application.

Due to its robustness, Coorstek carbide is the reliable material for the following areas of application:

    Applications in a basic environment
    Mechanical seals for pumps
    Matrices for powder technology
    wearing parts