Ceramic plungers, packing systems and abrasion resistant valves

Ceramic plungers are the right solution for most saltwater, chemical and metering applications.

The specially developed ceramic types allow a surface quality of Ra 0.2 µm as standard, which leads to a considerable increase in the service life of the packing.

Coorstek Plungers are available in both hollow and all-ceramic designs.

There is no better solution when corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long packing life are required.

Hard material coated plungers are a common solution when ceramic pistons are not required. They offer a good combination of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The coating consists of a nickel-chromium alloy that is applied to the base steel material.

Typically the substrate is carbon steel, with a stainless version available as an option.

Chromium Oxide Pistons are the solution for pumping amines, glycol and other fluids that have limited lubrication.

The chromium oxide is applied by burning off rods of chromium oxide and spraying them onto the substrate at high speed. In general, stainless steel is used as the carrier in these cases.

Carbide pistons are the right choice for most oilfield applications and where wear, not corrosion, is the primary concern.

The very high quality alloy, which has more wear resistance than our standard coating, offers somewhat reduced corrosion resistance.

Standard support material is carbon steel, stainless steel is available as an option.

Poppet stem valves are available in a variety of pressure ratings and materials that can be customized to suit your application.

Seat Rings: The Coorstek standard is a 3 rib investment cast in SS 316, also available with 5 ribs for high pressure applications. Both versions are also available in Monel.

Valve Plates: Delrin is used for most applications . For high temperatures and highest pressures we recommend titanium.

Springs: Coorstek springs are shot peened Inconel. This material is reliable for virtually all valve applications

Inserts: Monel is used in all Coorstek plate valves.

The inserts are completed with nylon fuses that reliably prevent liquid from escaping at the thread and secure against loosening.

Abrasion resistant valves are recommended for applications where standard valves will fail prematurely and solids in the media necessitate the use of a large free area design.

Abrasion resistant valves are particularly effective in seawater, tank truck and high wear applications.

Coors abrasion-resistant valves consist of a SS 174 hardened steel seat and double-guided valve bodies. The cage is SS 316 and the springs are shot peened Inconel. At operating temperatures of more than 70°C, we recommend not using an elastomer insert and sealing it with metal.

Other Valves: Coorstek offers vane guided valves and cage types for various pumps. We also offer tailor-made special solutions according to your wishes.

838 Plunger Packings are made of nitrile rubber and synthetic fabrics. They are recommended for use in fresh and sea water, propane, butane, gasoline, light and heavy oil, chemicals, acids and most hydraulic fluids.

Special Packings Other sizes and materials made from Teflon 255, various grades of Kevlar, energized packing and pre-formed split ring packing kits are available on request.