This is a small excerpt from our machine park

Surface grinding

We grind on 14 surface grinding machines of the following manufacturers:

Göckel, Elb, Stöckel, Jung, Blohm.

We can grind workpieces up to a length of 12 m in one clamping process.

Circular grinding

AußenrundInnenrundWe grind on 14 external cylindrical, 15 internal cylindrical, as well as 4 centerless grinding machines from the following manufacturers:

Okuma, Studer, Carstens, Göckel, Herminghausen, Agathon.


Innenrund kleinCenterlessInternal cylindrical small Centerless
Components up to 3,0 m length, respectively up to diameter 490 mm are no problem.

Larger components on request.



We can drill both in the hard and in the green/white state, ultrasonic-assisted, as well as coventionally.

We produce through holes and blind holes from 0.8mm diameter in hard, or 0.3mm diameter in green.

For this purpose, we have 8 different machines to choose from.


We use 7 different saws, including a Mayer Burger wafer saw, which can saw cuts from 0.3mm wide, and a Dramet band saw, which also allows us to make curved cuts.


We hone on machines from Sunnen and Pemamo.

Lapping and polishing

We do automated lapping and polishing on machines from the company Peter Wolters, as well as using manual tools.


We have a wide range of measuring equipment, including:

Air bearing slides with digital probes, dial gauges, test probes, gauge blocks, surface gauges, concentricity gauges, tension/compression testing machine, microscopes, as well as a granite measuring table measuring 2800 x 1450 mm.


We use a powerful marking laser from the company Baasel, with which we can provide your components e.g. with serial numbers or your company logo.

Of course, we can also engrave by machine or hand.


For forming we use machines for pressing ceremic powder, for example this one from Isopress.


We have several furnaces, some for inert gas, with maximum temperatures of up to 1700°C and a firing chamber of up to 400 x 400 x 400 mm.

Turning & Milling

In green machining and in the production of metal components we also use 5 CNC lathes and 2 CNC milling machines.In addition, we manufacture our own jigs and fixtures with these machines, and can thus react quickly and flexible.