Repair and maintenance of ceramic dewatering elements

⇒ Independent repair service for ceramic dewatering elements of various manufacturers
⇒ Ad hoc service
⇒ on-site service
⇒ 20 years Know-How with technical ceramics
⇒ Production of customer sepcific ceramic parts for wear and / or corrosive applications

You make paper, we take care of your ceramics

TKF GmbH offers independent repair service for ceramic dewatering elements of various manufacturers. According to your demand we offer repair service in our factory as well as on-site in your paper mill. Our mobile equipment allows repairs in your facility on short notice. As manufacturer of ceramics and grind shop we are able to produce replacement ceramic segments from different materials (alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride) on short notice. We operate special equipment for grinding up to 13 m in one setup. Also, we offer our grinding service for other hard materials. We support you in solving all your wear and corrosion problems with ceramic technology efficiently.