Unglazed insulators of 85% Alumina (AD 85)

AD 85 Alumina Insulators are available in both glazed and unglazed versions. However, for most electrostatic precipitator applications, we recommend the unglazed version. Aluminum oxide insulators AD 85 are technically tight and do not allow the penetration of gaseous or liquid substances (helium leak-proof up to at least 10−8 mbar 1/s). A glaze coating to "seal" the surfaces is usually superfluous with this material. AD 85 unglazed insulators offer you greater security because:

  • recrystallized alumina is more resistant to chemical attack by gases and particles,
  • the surface of AD 85 does not soften under the influence of temperature and thus does not tend to adhere to dust particles,
  • AD 85 has better volume resistance than glazed insulators, especially at higher temperatures.

The superiority of unglazed AD 85 insulators has been proven in practice worldwide. AD 85 meets or exceeds the C-780 standard according to DIN 0335. AD 85 insulators are recommended and used as wall bushings, support, rotary, tensile and knocker insulators.